Finishing the interior with natural gemstones is an integral part of interior design in today's modern world. An important aspect of decorating surfaces are tiles. Tiles-mosaic made of the natural gemstone – Amber that are approximately 50 million years of age are truly an exclusive and elite material which is commonly chosen by people with an impeccable taste.

Decorating and finishing surfaces with natural amber enables one to create luxurious, exclusive and last but not least – environmentally friendly interiors. By using the gemstone, not only will you enjoy the beautiful sight but also feel the beneficial effects of amber on the human body. You will be able to sleep better, and be less stressed overall, therefore, your lifestyle will become more healthier day after day!

Our radiant tiles-mosaic from amber will transform your apartment into a work of art. Decorating an interior with the use of materials made of gemstones, without a doubt, is a symbol of respectability and an impeccable taste of its owner.

This why finishing materials made of Amber will be a fine addition to interiors of:

· Apartments, Villas and Mansions

· Hotels and Exhibition halls/Expo-Centers

· Offices, Conference rooms and VIP halls

· Furniture and stained glass

· Yachts and private jets

About Amber
Amber – is a hard-translucent fossilized resin originating from extinct coniferous trees of the Tertiary period. Today, it is actively used in medical practice. This is due to the fact that Amber contains healthful and beneficial elements: iron, zinc, calcium, magnesium and many others. However, the main active substance of Amber is known as Succinic acid, which is known to be as one of the best natural bio-stimulators. It has a positive impact on the human body, helps to elevate stress, removes fatigue and even helps with symptoms of depression. Moreover, the resin is an essential tool to combat various forms of toxicosis and inflammatory processes as it facilitates the removal of harmful cells and malignant tumors.

About Us
«Moscow Manufactory®»
Finishing materials made out of natural amber can be bought in our company «Moscow Manufactory®» (ООО «Торг-С»). Our company is the only manufacturer of finishing tiles and decorative elements made from natural amber of the highest quality in the World.

All our products are environmentally friendly as they consist solely of amber without any additives, thus, preserving all its beneficial and medicinal properties.
All the products of Moscow Manufactory are 100% genuine and consist only of pure amber which are confirmed and evaluated by experts of Moscow State University.
This once again proves all of our products to be genuine consisting only of pure amber.
Why us?
Our products are exclusive because all our tiles are manufactured by our highly qualified artisans on special equipment.
All our amber undergoes several stages of selection, cleaning and treatment allowing us to sustain all of the beneficial effects of the natural gemstone. Moreover, the use of our technology aids us to create products made of amber which shine and sparkle which enables one to truly admire the exquisiteness and beauty of the gemstone to the maximum.
The price of our services of manufacturing depends on numerous factors such as the current price of the raw materials, size, weight and amount of the ordered product. The final price of a project will be discussed with each client individually.
Upon ordering more than 20 sq. m. you automatically join our «MoscowManufactory» privilege club under the following bonus terms:

· Silver (5% discount) – from 20 sq. m
· Gold (10% discount) – from 50 sq. m
· Platinum (15% discount) – from 100 sq. m

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+1 516 847 4570

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